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If you are looking for a short-term (1- 5 months) rental as well as a long-term rental (1 - 2 years) then we need to deal with your short-term rental needs first. Below are links to information and questionnaires for both short-term and long-term rentals:

We are only set up to respond to requests within certain time frames so be sure to read all the information provided on each page before you get to the survey to ensure that your survey is reviewed.


Once you get to Cuenca and settled into your short-term rental we can start looking for long-term options. You can fill out the long-term survey once you are within 45 days from when you want your lease to start.


Important note for Students and Teachers:
Cuenca Condos does not rent out rooms, only independent residences. Renting a room in a boarding house or from a local family is often a better option for people who wish to keep expenses to a minimum. Renting a room is also the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn or perfect your Spanish.