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Long-Term Rentals

In order to ensure that you will be happy in a long term rental it is necessary for you to see the place in person. For that reason we don't accept deposits on long-term rentals via the Internet.

Our long-term rentals require first, last, and security deposit in order to move in. Owners here don't accept checks so payment has to be in cash. Most of the time long-term rental rates do not include things like utilities and Internet service.

Long-term rentals will normally be found in two configurations; furnished or unfurnished. In Cuenca unfurnished rental properties are bare (no furniture and no appliances). Rentals with appliances only (semi-furnished) are very rare in Cuenca and it is not realistic to expect to be able to find one. Another important thing for you to know regarding furniture is that Cuenca does not have furniture rental companies so plan on purchasing the furniture you need.

If you want a place that accepts pets then it is much easier to find one by looking for unfurnished rentals. There are long-term pet friendly rentals that are furnished but they tend to have older furniture and lower quality finishings. Also, many landlords feel more comfortable with small dogs vs. large dogs. Another thing to keep in mind is that just because a place is labeled as "pet friendly" does not mean that an unlimited number of pets can be kept there. If you have more than 1-2 animals, it will be very difficult to find a apartment rental in the city.

When filling out the questionnaire it is important to give us your rental budget. By rental budget we mean how much you can afford to spend not what you think a rental should cost based on information on the Internet from people who are trying to sell e-books or seminars.

At the end of the questionnaire there will be an opportunity for you to give us any additional information about your rental needs and ask us any rental questions you may have. We will not respond to questions unrelated to Real Estate.

We are not set up to be able to discuss availability or details about long term rentals by email or phone until you have arrived in Cuenca. In the meantime the best sources of rental related information are the blog and the newsletter.

Important: Only fill out this survey if you are ready to sign a lease that begins in the next 45 days.

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Important note for Students and Teachers:
Cuenca Condos does not rent out rooms, only independent residences. Renting a room in a boarding house or from a local family is often a better option for people who wish to keep expenses to a minimum. Renting a room is also the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn or perfect your Spanish.